The right way to sell your products on Amazon

When it comes to selling products online, you have 3 options – sell on a website like one built with Is Going Online or list your product on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc or do a combination of both. However, until you build a brand, you’ll probably see higher traction on online marketplaces like Amazon. So, how do you list your products? The exact process may differ slightly from one website to another but the foundation is the same. Here’s what you need to do.

Tabulate Product Details, Pricing And Shipping

First things first, you need to decide what products you want to sell. Next, you need to price the products. To make a profit, you will need to keep in mind the cost price as well as overhead costs, seller fees, your markup, etc. You will also need to calculate shipping fees. This can either be listed separately or included in your selling price.  Each product should have a unique ID or SKU that lets you track sales. 

Get Your Products Photographed

For a consumer, shopping online is a visual experience. Hence, you need to pay attention to your product photography. You can either take the photographs yourself or outsource the task to a product photography company. The Product photography services offered by these companies are designed to meet the requirements of Amazon product photography. No matter what marketplace you want to list the products, you will need to ensure that your product photography is crisp, with a white background and clearly visible details. 

Get Your Products Photographed

Write SEO Friendly Content For Product Descriptions

In addition to good product photography, you also need good descriptions. A product photography company may offer descriptions as part of its service. Descriptions should ideally be simple, easy to understand and relatable. When a person lands on your product page, the visuals provided by product photography services and the description should tell the buyer he needs to know about the product. 

This includes details like dimensions, materials, how to use the product, etc. The content should also be SEO friendly. This means it should contain keywords that are relevant to your product. For example, if you’re selling a pen, the relevant keywords could include ‘ink pen’, ‘blue pen’, etc. 

Create A Seller Account And Start Uploading

Lastly, you need to create a seller account. This is different from the customer account. You can’t use the same account you’ve used to shop with on Amazon to sell products. Your seller account will need to have your brand name as well as other details such as your contact details, tax information, GST number, etc. E-commerce platforms like Amazon offer different types of seller accounts with varying seller fees and tools. For example, if you sell less than 40 products each month, you can sell as an individual but if you have higher sales, you can register as a professional. 

Create A Seller Account And Start Uploading

Once the seller account has been created, you can start listing your products! Choose your product category, upload the Amazon product photography images, the product name, description and prices and publish the listing. Some products such as beauty products, automotive parts, dietary supplements, etc. may need to be approved before they are published. 

Ready To Start Selling?

Creating a website with Is Going Online and listing your products on eCommerce platforms like Amazon will not only result in sales but also make people aware of your brand. Once you start making sales, encourage your customers to leave reviews to build trust in your brand. So, ready to get started?