Streamline your products with automated photography

When you open a website, it’s the pictures that grab your attention first. Websites with dull, blurry, or unclear product photographs don’t inspire trust in the brand. It’s no surprise to see many eCommerce websites partnering with a product photography company to improve the quality of their product photographs. But, studio time is expensive and not everyone can afford them. What’s more, outsourcing the task increases time to market and the product photographs may not all be consistent. There’s a new solution that may be more cost-effective, quicker, and more reliable – automated photography.

What is Automated Photography?

This is a holistic product photography solution that combines the hardware and software required for product photography services. It can be described as a photo studio cabin with lighting cameras and a digital turntable. The setup could be big or small depending on the type of products being photographed. All the equipment is controlled by software and can be overseen by anyone with basic photography skills. 

What is Automated Photography?

So, How Does This Work?

Using automated product photography services is easy. The product is placed on the turntable, lighting is adjusted and the number of photographs required is set. Then the software takes over. As the turntable rotates, the camera captures photographs of the product at different angles. 

Basic post-production tools are applied to remove the background, adjust sharpness and contrasts and color correct if needed. The resulting images are then uploaded directly to websites created with Is Going Online, etc., or saved locally for marketing or other purposes. These photographs can be used to create 360-degree product photographs as well as videos.

Why is this Product Photography Solution so popular?

As illustrated, automated photography delivers a quicker output with good image quality. There’s no worrying about moving the product or the camera between shots. The white space margins are consistent and all your products will look consistent in terms of lighting and color tones. 

Why is this product photography solution so popular?

The studio setup can be moved or cloned in different locations but irrespective of where the products are shot, the results will have the same framing and look. The risk of human error is minimized to a great extent. As a result, the photographs look professionally shot and the brand builds a trustworthy image.

What’s the ROI of Automated Photography?

Automated photography uses fewer resources and generates faster results than any product photography company. Thus, it is more cost-effective. Rather than staying constant, the cost per product reduces once the studio setup has been completed. This means it offers a clear, long-term advantage for growing brands. Another reason why many brands are choosing to streamline processes through automation is for the speed it offers.

Rather than wait for days for a photographer to capture and edit photographs, product photographs can be made ready to upload in minutes. There is no need for external post-production, file migration, conversion, etc. Instead, products can be offered for sale online on the same day they enter the warehouse. The quicker a product is published on the website, the faster it can be sold and the more revenue it can generate.

What’s the ROI of Automated Photography?

In Conclusion

Today, creating an eCommerce website with services such as those provided by Is Going Online is easy. You can literally create a website and start selling products from your smartphone. But, to be successful at it, you need to pay attention to how the products are presented. Photography is a key element here. Automated photography is cost-efficient, quick, and offers professional quality images that make your website look attractive. It could be just what your brand needs to make an impression.