Importance of good photos in e-commerce

Taking your business online is the first step towards reaching out to a wider audience. When coupled with a good marketing strategy, you can drive millions of people to your website. Is that enough to convert the visitors into loyal customers? Apparently, you need one more key ingredient to win over your visitors and convert them into loyal customers – catchy product photos. According to experts, no matter what type of product you are selling, the way you photograph and present them will have a huge impact on your sales. Yes, photographs can break or make your sales. 

Studies have shown that we process visual cues better than written words. On average, we retain 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read. For an e-commerce business to be successful, you can’t make do with amateur product photography. You need to work with a professional studio that offers specialized eCommerce product photography services. Still not convinced? Here are a few points that might convince you to go online with sales-pulling product images. 

Compensates For The Missing In-Store Touch And Feel Experience

Shopping online is convenient but you can’t touch a product, pick it up or interact with it in any way. To convince a potential customer you need to write a good product description and complement it with high-quality images. 


These images stand-in for the missing touch and feel experience and help customers understand the product better. Professional eCommerce product photography services include photographing the product from multiple angles and taking close-ups that make your products look more attractive.

Take something as simple as a teacup – photographing it in someone’s hand helps customers understand the proportions. If you’re selling a carpet, showing close-up photographs of the tufting helps customers understand the quality of the product even though they can’t touch it. 

Creates A Need For The Product

When people go to a mall with the intention of window shopping, they often come home with something because an outfit in the window caught their attention. The same thing happens when people browse through e-com stores with professional product photography. 

Product photography - fashion

The best eCommerce photography doesn’t just showcase the product, it convinces the site visitor that he/she needs it. Statistics show that 75% of all online shoppers decide on potential purchases based on product photographs on the website.

When a visitor sees a well-photographed pair of black heels, she may decide to buy it not because she doesn’t have a pair of black heels but because the photograph makes the heels look attractive. It’s the emotion these photographs evoke that converts sale. 

Builds A Positive Brand Image

As compared to these amateur shots, product photographs taken in a professional eCommerce photo studio have cleaner layouts, sharper focus and better image quality. This builds a positive brand image and increases the perceived value of your products. When you’re competing with other sellers who have similar products, better quality product photographs make your version of the product more appealing as they position your brand as a quality-conscious one. 

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – would you trust a website that has good quality photographs or would you trust a website that has grainy, out of focus shots of their product range? Good photographs also give your customers a realistic expectation of the product. Using an eCommerce photo studio you can offer customers a real sense of your product as well as a positive brand image. If you need more information about setting up your online store with sales pulling photographs, reach out to the experts at Is Going Online.