How to prepare for a product photoshoot?

If you want customers to buy your products, the products must look good on the website. After all, the customer has to rely solely on visual stimuli. Whether you’re working with professional photography experts or taking a DIY approach to the product photoshoot, you need to be well prepared. This is key to having consistent product shots that reflect your brand vision. When you create a website with Is Going Online, you can upload multiple shots of each product. E-commerce photography can be categorized as shots against a white backdrop and shots of the product in use. Here are a few tips for the latter. 

Put Together A Shot List

To ensure your styling stays consistent and to make the best use of your time, create a plan of attack. Start by listing all the products you want for the product photoshoot. Next, plan the style of your shoot- do you prefer flat-lays or lifestyle shots? Professional photography studios often make a quick doodle of how the products are to be styled so that you can set up the shots quickly. You might want to create a checklist with the below details:

  • Product  
  • Backdrop 
  • Lighting  
  • Shot angle 
  • Props  

This type of list ensures that you don’t miss out on any shots.

Put Together A Shot List

Arrange All Your Props And Backdrops

Props can be very helpful in illustrating how products are intended to be used. For example, if you’re selling a teacup, it would be beneficial to photograph it with a kettle and maybe some tea leaves. Looking for these props when you’re in the middle of a photoshoot can be frustrating and slow you down. To keep this from happening, make a list of backdrops and props when you’re planning your eCommerce photography shoot and arrange to have them all accessible. 

If you need models for your shoot, contact them in advance and confirm your appointment with them. Make sure they know where to come, the date and time and what you need them to bring with them. Having a few extra product photography props is a good idea. Also, keep tools such as lint rollers, steam irons, pins, tape, etc. handy.

Prepare Your Products

You can’t just take a product from the warehouse and photograph it. To look good on-screen, products must be clean, smudge-free, and not chipped or cracked or show any signs of damage. Thus, when you’re planning a planning photography shoot select the products in advance. Inspect all the pieces to make sure they are fit to be photographed, clean them and polish them if needed. In the case of clothes and shoes that must be modeled, make sure you have the right sizes. 

Prepare Your Products

Arrange For Duplicates

Despite handling all your products carefully, there’s still a risk, a product may fall and get chipped or you may stain a dress. Rather than plan to edit the photograph later or plan another shoot, keep duplicates of all your products handy. Ensure these are packed separately from the first set of products so that you don’t end up shooting the same product twice.

In Conclusion

Today, you can set up an eCommerce website with Is Going Online directly from your phone. For the website to be successful, you need good product photography. This is what your customers rely on to know what to expect from their order. Planning your shoot helps you make the best use of your shoot time and get professional-looking photographs. Always shoot your products in such a way that the edits required are minimal. Remember, the better your product photographs, the higher your chances of making a sale.