How to create webstore using Is going online?

Congratulations! You’ve finally given flight to your entrepreneurial dreams and you’re ready to get started. Today, whether you’re selling clothes and shoes or homemade chutneys, you need to have an online presence. An eCommerce store makes your brand accessible to a large audience and helps strengthen your brand value.

You may think that setting up an eCommerce store is an expensive affair that involves complex coding but this is where you’re wrong. Today, you can create a free eCommerce website with services such as Is Going OnlineDo you want to know how to create an online store? All it takes is two steps.

Step 1: Create your catalogue

Before you create your website, you must know the type of products you want to sell online. Your product range should have high demand within your target audience, should be profitable and should match your brand vision. You should also have reliable suppliers in place and be confident about your ability to pack and ship the goods safely. If you want to know more about choosing the best product to sell online, it is better to a bit of market research. 

Create your catalogue

Once you know what you’re selling, you need to take a lot of photographs and create descriptions that will convince site visitors to buy the product. When it comes to product photography, you can choose to work with professional studios or take a DIY approach. Either way, you need to create a gallery of photographs that are crisp and clean. You can’t publish a blurry photograph and expect to see profits. Did you know that the quality of images is what convinces 90% of online shoppers to make a purchase?

Once you’ve got your product photographs and descriptions in place, list the other details like the MRP, product dimensions, etc. Now you’re ready for Step 2.

Step 2: Create an account with Is going online

Companies like Is Going Online offers entrepreneurs three plans to create their eCommerce website. The Free plan lets you maintain a catalogue of up to 100 products. You can have unlimited users but the website can handle a maximum of 1000 orders. The website is Shopify ready and has built-in mechanisms for payment and delivery options. In comparison, eCommerce builders like Shopify offer a free trial but eventually, you have to choose a paid plan.

Create an account with Is going online

Once you create an account, you can choose this plan and start uploading your products. For each product you will need to input the following information:

  • A product photograph
  • A product name and well-written description
  • MRP
  • Selling price
  • Package weight
  • Package dimensions

You can add multiple photographs from different angles. It doesn’t get simpler than this. Your website goes live for orders even with as little a single product. You can then share the link and promote your website through your chosen marketing channels. If you want to create eCommerce website with more pages and details, you can choose one of the paid plans. The Fully Managed plan even gives you design and marketing assistance. However, if you choose to build your website on Shopify, this assistance will not be available to you even with their top-rung plan.

Now that you know how to create online store, why wait? Go online now. If you’ve got all the product details ready, you can go live with your website within an hour! As more people get to know about your website, you should see orders coming in and you can celebrate the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. 

So, are you ready to get started? If yes, Is Going Online is here to help.