Creative ideas for product photos

Your success as an eCommerce entrepreneur depends on quite a bit on your product photography. Since the customer can’t touch the product or feel it, they rely on product photos to decide on what to buy. Photographs against a white background are the standard as is a shot of the product in use. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to this. Styling a few creative shots can make your product stand out and give it a unique appeal. Here are a few creative ideas for eCommerce photography.

Frozen Frames

Taking a shot where it looks like time has frozen around your product creates an eye-catching photograph that’s sure to grab attention. It’s a tricky art and it takes some practice even for experts in professional photography to capture these images. You’ll need a camera with a high shutter speed to get sharp product photos without blurry edges. A couple of ideas- shoot the product the second before it falls into a pool of water or a pile of sand or let the product remain static and shoot it with smoke billowing around it.

Play With Reflections

Professional photography often uses reflections to make the images dramatic and artistic. There are two ways to play with reflections. First, you can style the product on a reflective surface and shoot it from an angle that captures a reflection of the object and nothing else. Alternatively, you can use photo manipulation tools to add a reflective effect. Adjusting the lighting will also make the image appear more professional.

Play With Reflections

Unusual Angles

At the retail store, a customer can pick up a product and look at it from every angle. So, in addition, to the front shot, the top shot and the wide-angle shot, how about shooting your product from a completely novel angle – maybe from underneath? Place the product on a glass tabletop and shoot the product from below or try a flat tray layout. You can use these photographs on the website you created with IsGoing.Online as well as for social media posts.

Surrealistic Styling

An abstract, surrealistic styling of your product gives it a luxe appeal that’s ideal for aspirational products. This type of product photography helps draw out product features and makes them more obvious. Shoot the product from angles that make it look bigger than it is or from angles that make the colours ‘pop’. Surreal photographs are typically a combination of shooting the product in a unique way and clever editing. These photographs are also great for advertisements and promotional social media posts. 

Surrealistic Styling

Floating In Air

Typically, products on websites created with IsGoing.Online are styled to look grounded. But, sometimes, making them appear as though they were floating mid-air could be exciting. The trick lies in suspending the product and yet adding shadows so it stays relatable. To minimize the amount of editing required be smart with the tools used to suspend the product. Nylon thread leaves behind a minimal imprint and is easy to remove in the edit. Alternatively, use a curved white backdrop and adjust levels in the edit to remove any trace of the gradient.  

Using these creative ideas for eCommerce photography makes your brand look different and stand out from the competition. Use props to help your customer imagine how they can use the product and make them feel like they need it. Is your product related to keeping your home organized or is it associated with a sense of adventure? Let your product photos tell a story. The more your customer connects with the product, the higher the chances of the product being bought.